Debbie Richardson, ACA (Alabama Certified Appraisal – Auburn University Center for Governmental Affairs and the Ad Valorem Property Tax Division – State of Alabama) [retired], Alabama Real Estate Salesperson, Alabama Real Estate Commission


“Debbie is an individual who people know instinctively they can trust.  She always listens with real interest and responds unselfishly.  She is what she appears to be – a forthright, caring, generous and intelligent person who, in my opinion, has made great contributions over the years to the Montgomery County Appraisal Department.”  “Debbie is a skilled appraiser who is highly organized and understands the method of collecting and analyzing market date to rationally reach value conclusions as it relates to all property types.”  “Based on my many years of experience with her, Debbie is highly skilled, has outstanding communication skills, works extremely hard and is an individual of high integrity who I believe people throughout the community admire and trust.”

Mr. Owen Aronov, President, Aronov Realty Management, Inc.

“I have known Debbie over fifteen years and have admired her always.  Over the course of her lifetime, she has been one for seeing what needed to be done and finding a way and resources to pull that off.  Debbie is a strong woman who can do anything she puts her mind to, and has.  I have seen her solve problems that would not be possible for the ordinary person, using her personal resources of kindness, spirituality, intelligence and a can-do attitude.  Debbie has as strong sense of right and wrong, and tries to do what is right at all times.  Debbie is highly organized, very logistical and analytical in her thinking and dependable.”

Mrs. Dottie Dickson Skipper, Owner, Counseling Solutions, Montgomery, Alabama


Debbie’s accomplishments, in both her chose work profession as well as a community volunteer indicates that she is very detailed and a focused team member.  Debbie is quick to make observations and recommendations to enhance the overall organization.  Additionally, she has the patience and genuine concern for the needs of others, which are much needed in today’s environment.  Debbie’s intellectual acumen and desire to excel in every task assigned to her is compelling evidence that she is a valuable asset to her chosen profession.”

Mr. Donald L. Dotson, Assistant Superintendent of Operations, Montgomery County Board of Education