Tax management & administration

Our experts provide comprehensive property tax services, working with county taxing officials, appraisal department staff members and others in tax departments where needed, tracking and auditing tax assessments, and analyzing entire portfolios of like groups of properties or individual assets.

Assessment appeals

We handle all aspects of the appeal process and prepare, file, and negotiate assessment appeals on our clients’ behalf (A signed Letter of Authorization required from client for JOHN STANLEY & ASSOCIATES TAX APPEAL SERVICES, LLC to have authority to appeal on the property owner’s behalf).

Litigation support

In instances in which a formal appeal in Circuit Court in the State of Alabama is required to pursue tax relief, we work in collaboration with legal counsel to identify key issues, develop strategies, and provide assessment guidance. We work closely with our clients to provide context and understanding to the real estate financial components of the assignment, and work with legal counsel in the strategic and case development process, providing the necessary assessment methodology understanding.  Disclaimer:  Contracting with additional professionals, i.e. M.A.I. appraisers, Commercial Real Estate Brokers and other real estate professionals (jurisdiction-specific), etc. may be required at the Circuit Court level of the appeal process. (Code of Alabama, Title 40, Section 40-3-25)


JOHN STANLEY & ASSOCIATES TAX APPEAL SERVICES, LLC offers consultation and advocacy services to owners and users of all types of commercial real estate. Our commitment is to ensure that you pay only your fair share of the property tax burden in the State of Alabama. We will verify assessment data and facilitate the assessment review period discussions and negotiations in preparation for appeal hearings, as well as handle the appeal hearings on our client’s behalf. 

This includes:

  • Cost Manual (accurate inventory of subject component by the local taxing authority)
  • **Alabama Real Estate Appraisal Manual
  • Income and expense analysis (requires three-year history of subject property)
  • Comparison of recent sales
  • Local and regional market trends
  • Assessed values of similar properties
  • Highest and best use consideration
  • Zoning codes and uses considerations